In a timeless fantasy world, Papa Jupe, a tough crusty carnie geek, staggers drunk from his circus tent just as it blows over in a Dust Bowl-era sand storm. He gathers his family and goes to seek a better life out west.

His wife, “Ma,” is a corn-cob smoking inbred. Son “Stinky” is a short hyperactive thirteen-year-old (to be played by a short hyperactive thirty-year-old). White trash daughter Petunia is a lumbering teenage slut with the body of Christina Hendricks and the mind of
a ten-year-old.  Together they drive across country in their ancient clunker, where Pa finds some cheap ghetto shack to rent. Unfortunately, the basement is connected to the Sixth Dimension.

A tale of poignant and forbidden love unfolds as Petunia is smitten by poor black little Pythagoras Jones, the misbegotten son of a notorious local “crack ho.” Even though the bespectacled young teen is working on miraculous science projects for school—anti-gravity devices, water from air, etc.—no one gives him any respect. Especially not Petunia’s violent, drunken and, yes, virulently racist father.

To complicate matters, little brother Stinky is busted for masturbating in class and sent to Dr. Yodlebien’s office—where
he inadvertently kills the esteemed therapist after receiving some testicular-shock sex aversion therapy.

Stinky escapes into the “Forbidden Zone” only to be captured as
a love slave by the horny petulant Princess Polly—she of desirable shape and monstrous face. Her parents, the sexy Queen Flora and randy Germanic dwarf King Fritz, wouldn’t mind a piece of Stinky
as well, which leads to much heart-rending family drama.

Although King Fritz has more important matters to attend to. He is cloning an army of giant pinheads for his upcoming invasion of Earth. If only they didn’t have the brains of chickens…and he had an anti-gravity device to raise them to the upper world. And so the plot thickens—with outrageous laughter, music and dance!